Tri-Bio Botanical Revival Masque


Environ have invested 4 years of research to develop this Masque formulated with a unique blend of AHAs, which targets and corrects the most common signs of ageing to give skin a younger, fresher look.

The Environ Revival Masque is suitable for most skin types and in particular dry, mature and photo-damaged skins. The potent nature of the anti-ageing ingredients in this Revival Masque means a little care should be taken introduce it gradually into your routine. It contains a combination of three acids which combine to stimulate the release of key cells and growth factors within the skin.

The significant benefits of the Environ Revival Masque are lightened pigmentation, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles with a tighter, smoother more radiant looking skin.

The combination of these AHA’s stimulate growth factors which in turn improve skin cell renewal. The Lactic acid hydrates the skin helping to smooth the skin and the Mandelic Acid helps to reduce wrinkles and any visible inflammation. You can apply to a cleansed skin twice a week leaving it on for about 10-20 minutes before removing with warm water. Once the skin has acclimatised to the ingredients in this product the masque can be used as an overnight treatment.