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Reward Points

You can now collect and spend with "Reward Points" on Buy Me Beauty..

The more you buy on the site, the more points you will earn and when you login into your account you will be able to see how many points you already have. So, after you have completed your first purchase you can start redeeming your points or continue to collect them for a special purchase later.

Please Note - This does not apply to Environ products which cannot be sold direct online by anyone in the UK without consultation and hence orders are placed by telephone. Our prices are very competitive and on many Environ products we have reduced them by more than 17% to take account of any reward point loss.

When you view your basket from your second purchase onwards you will be able to see how many points you have accumulated and then use them or continue to save them.

Remember we already discount 17% Off RRP on all our products, Free Postage 1st Class Postage and so now you can get even more!

To help explain how it works here is an example basket page (this is a picture)

The table below shows what points will be allocated to spend and is based on the value of your order and the website will automatically calculate this.

£10+ =2 points

£20+ =3 points

£30+ =4 points

£40+ =5 points

£50+ =6 points...etc