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Dehydrated Skin

Lacking in water, the skin appears ilk parchment. Fine lines especially when pinched. Very thirsty and products disappear through the surface.

Can often feel tight especially towards the end of the day. The skin may also be dry or sensitive. Dehydration can be caused by illness, medication or poor diet and lifestyle, menopause in women.

Products and Ingredients to look for.

Water based hydrating gel Masks and Serums layered with moisturizers and separate SPF's help to hydrate the skin without overloading in oil. Spray Toners used on the face during the day to help combat dehydration caused by central heating in the winter for example.

Liquid mineral foundations instead of powders. Lactic and Hyaloronice acids help promote hydration in the skin cells, maintaining plumpness and combating fine lines. Drinking plenty of water especially with alcohol and Coffee !

The product ranges we have on Buymebeauy have great products for Dehydrated Skin and one to maybe have a look at are the Environ Range and their Hydrating Serum.