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Mature Skin

AT what age do we think of our skin as mature? Probably in a woman around the time of the menopause, when changes in the body can drastically affect the skin of course this can vary enormously from 40 to 60, even younger in some cases.

With men environmental exposure and lifestyle would be a big influence e.g. Sun Exposure, Smoking and Alcohol.

The skin looses its elasticity due to Collagen break down and its plumpness due to loss of hydration. Uneven skin colour due to pigmentation and possible Red Veins, loss of muscle tone underneath the skin can lead to jowls, lines and wrinkles.

Products and Ingredients to look for.

A U.V. protector is a must everyday, in adition to Serums and Moisturizers.

Layering products is a great way to add more ingredients which can affect the skin in a positive way. Nothing can stop ageing, but certain ingredients can definitely slow down the process.

Vitamin A e.g. Retinyl Acetate and Retinol
 The product ranges we have on Buymebeauy have great products for Mature Skin and ones to maybe have a look at are the Environ AVST Range and Elizabeth Arden.