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Sensitive Skin

  • Often high colored, warm to the touch, reactive to sunlight, alcohol and changes in ambient temperature.
  • Can also be Dry or Oily (frequently associated with acne).
  • Difficult to find skin care which doesn't cause a reaction.
  • Worse at times of stress or illness.
  • May be triggered by Diet or Lifestyle.
  • Hard to camouflage effectively, may be itchy and often irritated.

Products and their Ingredients

With Sensitive skin it is important to mention what NOT to use.

Artificial Perfumes (parfume) Chemical Sunscreens - Ethylhexl Methoxycinnamate Scrubs and Grainy Exfoliants - Nut Kernels Dyes in Make-Up such as C & D's

What to Look For in Products

Chemical exfoliants - Salicylic Acid is Anti-inflammatory Physical Sunscreens - Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide Natural Perfumes - Essential Oils Pure Mineral Make Up

The product ranges we have on Buymebeauy have products for Sensitive Skin and one to maybe have a look at is the PRIORI Coffeeberry Range.